Studio Project 2

1) After the violin section, there is a strumming guitar pattern, which I have reversed which is a recording technique that was used by George Martin. It also done it at another point  towards the end of the piece. This technique was used on many  of The Beatles tracks, for example on the track “I’m only Sleeping”. Which was the first solo on a track to be completely reversed.    

2) I have also used echo on the guitar, as the Cello drops out and the bass guitar comes into the piece. The echo technique was being used to separate the two different sections in the song. As they did on the song “Day in the Life” using tape echo.   

3) All of my drum parts are sampled loops which I have cut up and made into a drum beat. The Cymbal’s that you hear in the piece, were cut form another sample on Logic which I joined to a drum beat which was 100 BPM. Which is a technique that Trent Reznor. Here’s a quote from him saying how he did this technique “I wanted it to make it sound performance-based. I was using live drums, most of the tracks have live drums on them. A lot of the sounds were miked. Even if it was a synth line, it might go through a speaker cabinet to give it the impression of it being played.”

4) The reversing sounds in the piece do not fit into it style of the song and are out of time showing the techniques the Frank Zappa used in his recordings.  

This is the mixer stuff on this studio project 2. 



Studio Project 1 

Sennheiser bass mike used here for the kick drum.

SM57 mike being used here for he Guitar. 

SM57 mike was also used on the Snare drum. 

The Neumann mikes were used as over heads for the drums. 

The Sennheiser bass mike was also used for the bass.